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About the company

Azogreen – Negócios Imobiliários, founded in 2020 by André Feliciano, is a real estate company, whose mission is to help its clients selling, buying or leasing real estate.

We offer a complete service in this area, such as sharing current market conditions with clients, leading negotiations and assistance during the process of buying, selling or leasing properties.

We have extensive experience and certification in real estate, credit and insurance intermediation. We have partnerships with several other professionals, who participate in the sale and purchase process, such as lawyers, engineers, architects, energy certification companies, etc.

Knowing that the process of buying or selling a home is a sensitive and very important moment in people’s lives, Azogreen’s goal is to ensure that all our transactions are “stress-free”, that is, to ensure that the all our clients do not have to worry about a thing and always feel calm and confident throughout the process.

When working with Azogreen:

  • You will save time and gains efficiency in the process.
  • You will make an investment suited to your reality.
  • You will have a secure transaction.
  • You will have comprehensive advice.
  • You will have an appraisal of your property that is adequate to the market reality.
  • Buyers will be qualified and accompanied in the process of financing and contracting associated insurance.

We promise to sell your property at the best market price, for the shortest possible time, with confidence and tranquility.

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